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How to Understand ePublishing Contracts

I'm not going to use fear language in this post because I don't think informed writers should be afraid. An ePublishing contract should address:

The platform (print, or ebook or DVD)The term (how long)The compensation (how much)The scope (territory/area)
When viewing an ePublishing contract (a contract between you (the author) and a publisher who will put your work online in ebook format), you need to consider a few rights. When signing away rights, you are agreeing to give the ePublisher certain access and ownership to your material.

In a contract,  you "represent and warrant" (own) all rights to your original material. But you don't own all rights to third party material (quotes, images from third parties). These rights have to be examined before signing certain rights away to the ePublisher.An "out of print reversion of rights to the author" clause must be revised for an electronic book, which will never go out of print. Make sure there is a clear and …