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How to Create a SynopSnip Using Wordle

The Synopsis

Often publishers and agents ask for a synopsis of your novel manuscript. The synopsis functions to provide the barebones information about your plot, character and the stakes of your story. It is usually no longer than one page, which is what makes writing it difficult. The synopsis includes what happens, so it's like a mini-arc of your story. We start here, this happens, we go here and then that happens and we end up there.

The SynopSnip

Creating a SynopSnip is much more fun, more visually stimulating and is for a different audience--the reader. Consider the SynopSnip to be a very succinct snapshop of your synopsis. It is also in a format that makes it easy to distribute on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Take a look at the one below to see what I mean.

The Example: The Fergus She

Novel: The Fergus She
Characters: Rachel (protagonist) Scarlet (antagonist) Grafen (antagonist) Angus (love interest)
Plot: Rachel is the victim of an ancient curse. The Fergus S…