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Should Authors Redesign their Book Covers After Launch?

So, Girl Desecrated, my first book in The Fergus She series, has been out for six months. At first, sales were quite good. After the first month or so, sales dropped and I started advertising to increase visibility. Book reviews started to increase, and they were coming in strong (4-5 stars). Based on reviews, I knew readers were enjoying the book.

Kim Duquette rated it It was amazing From time to time you discover a book that you just can't put down.
Girl Desecrated is that book.
A modern woman with an ancient burden.
Let the world fall down around me...I'll be reading!
But still, many click thrus to the book were not resulting in sales. So, what was wrong?
I did some research on back cover copy. Now that my novel was out, I could pinpoint my target reader a little better using data. Knowing who was reading, helped me understand how to sell - which words to choose, rhythms to use, etc.

Rhythm was really important. I did a search of books that were similar to mine and rea…