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10 Reasons to let a Beta Reader Go Over Your Manuscript

Recently, due to union action, I found myself with extra time to invest in my writing. If you've ever been on strike, you'll know how non-productive it is, and for some of us, that is enough to send us scrambling for something to do.
While walking the picket line, I reconnected with a lovely co-worker who just happens to have a Masters in English. My writing came up during our conversation like it usually does:
"What have you been keeping busy with?"
"Oh, still working away on my novel."
 Usually I say this with a tinge of embarrassment because I've been "working" on my novel for quite some time. However, I was very fortunate. My colleague, Dania, offered to read over and respond to my current manuscript, The Fergus She.
Immediately, I got that internal cringe of "Oh, that's too much to ask of anyone". But I’ve been working on those silly aspects of my personality, and I brushed aside that non-helpful inside voice and said, &…