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How to Quote your Novel and Increase Book Sales

In a society where expressing ourselves is more trendy than ever, authors can use memorable and powerful lines from their novels to bring attention to their work.

People love quotes from novels because they reflect, in better words than most of us can come up with, life experiences, feelings and views on important issues. Quotes also have the ability to affect us on a sentimental level, reminding us of a time we may have first experienced the novel being quoted. 

The best lines are timeless.

How to Choose Quotes from your Novel

For writers, quoted lines from a novel can accomplish a number of things, but the most important goal for quoting your book is to create a curiosity or desire in the reader to read more. Consider this goal when searching for good lines. 

Your quote also functions as a sample of your writing. The quote you choose can do any of the following:
  • Show the author's style
  • Show the quality of writing
  • Express the genre through conventions
  • Engage readers with a character
  • Hook readers into wanting to know more
The ashes could have been the frayed remnants of my life, charred and aimlessly drifting from the impact of Scarlett’s resurrection. I could see no way to tear myself free. 

If you aren't sure about the lines you should quote from your book, you can also ask your beta or buying readers, or look for those "beautiful" comments from your editor. Post a request on FB or wherever you connect with readers. Ask them to share their favourite lines. 

How to Format a Quote from your Novel

When possible, format your quote to stand out. Change the font, the indent, the size, the colour, or even better, put it on an image. Pictures catch attention, express emotion and portray genre. As well, viewers process images much faster than text. 

There are many free graphic design tools available to you on the web. One I use is It offers the ability to upload your own photos and images, which you can also get from Flickr and from Google searching. Make sure you select only materials that are licensed for reuse and modification. For example: I got the ashes image from Flickr, where Otto Phokus provided limited rights for its use. 

One of the most important things to remember when using these great graphic tools is to stick with your novel's promise in the design. That means, if your novel is a romance and your cover is already branded with colours and images, you'll want to continue that brand and promise in all of your graphic promotions. 

Choose your fonts, colour, image and quote to advertise the promise of your novel. My "in progress' novel, The Fergus She is an urban fantasy, which promises the protagonist will suffer and possibly fail. I express this promise of a character's suffering through my choice of quote. The graphic also promises dark forces, Gothic elements and some vampire lit (colour, shapes and font style). The choice of ashes for the background provide a visual for the quote, but also matches the theme of the novel through symbolism (death, rebirth through fire). 

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Where to Post Quotes from your Novel 

Many author do not use this valuable resource to its full advantage. Imagine, you have thousands of words you penned and own the rights to. You can quote your own work indefinitely without any copyright concerns, because you own it. 
Quote lists:
  • List of Powerful Literary Quotes
  •  Goodreads is the cornucopia of book Quotes

Social Media:
  • Twitter #hashtags include #1lineWed #bestline #novelline #bookline #amreading #quote #bookquote #quoteoftheday and more
  • Facebook, post on your author's page and in your personal FB. 
  • Post on groups when the self-promote day arrives
  • Create a Pinterest board and start sharing and collecting. Add your quotes to this board.
  • Post on Tumblr
Internet Communication:
  • Quote lines on your Web site
  • Imbed them in your newsletter
  • Add one to your email signature
  • Create audio clips of you reading a line or passage from your text

Author Quotes on Reading:

Yes, there are even lists of quotes from authors on reading. Some of them are excellent, like "A book is the only friend who, when it turns its back on you, is still there for you." 

Think up a clever quote about reading that you believe in. Then start quoting yourself online. It will get picked up.

Write a Few Quotable Lines into Your Novel

If you're writing hasn't revealed any quotable lines to this point, or perhaps you'd like to really focus on how to create a timeless quote for your readers to share, scan through your novel and find a place you can put one in. That said, obviously you don't want the line to seem contrived or awkward, so you'll have to put a lot of thought into it. 

This article is an excerpt from "Technology #WritingTips for Writers" available soon. To get your free copy, sign up at 


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