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Evocative Author Interviews - 40 Authors were asked "If your best friend left her diary at your house, would you snoop for writing ideas?" And they answered...

Where do authors get their ideas? Do you have an author friend? Do you ever feel like a science experiment around him/her? Well there might be a reason for that. Most authors are very in tune with people. They might not like them much, but they spend a lot of time observing them. This helps authors come up with characterization for their novels. 

But how far would an author really go? Over 40 writers participated in this question: If your best friend left her diary at your house, would you snoop for writing ideas? The result... Be careful where you leave your diary!

Guess how many would do it... and gladly - anything in the name of idea gathering. Some would just do it for fun!

Author Name

 If your best friend left her diary at your house, would you snoop for writing ideas?

Which of these authors’ novels/writings should you start with?

Cheryl R Cowtan

Carmen Madison
TL Travis
Sheri-Lynn Marean
Liz Iavorschi-Brain
Vic Watts
S.M. Carrière

Celeste Hollister

Edwin Downward

Thomas Weaver

Melinda Kucsera

Louise Ashton
Steven Moore
Skye Andrews
Melony Paradise
v a trafton
Mark Fuller Dillon
Nanea Knott
M Pepper Langlinais
Chelle Cordero
C.C. Naughton

Nix Whittaker
Jesper Schmidt
Elliot Parker
Steve Turnbull

Brian S Ference

AB Plum

K. Matt
C.J. Hart
Robin Edwards

Erik Schubach

Lori L. Robinett

D. F. Bailey
Various Array
Angelique L'Amour

Joseph Mark Brewer

Mark O'Neill
Robyn M. Ryan
Alice de Sampaio Kalkuhl
A.J. Milton
Generally, never. But... if there were extenuating circumstances like I thought she was sleeping with my husband, stealing my jewellery, vindictive about an old hurt? Then I might take a peek.........................................................
I believe in privacy




Depends on the friend. Some of my friends lead interesting lives! (Don't tell them I told you that)
I'd snoop but not for writing ideas, just out of curiosity.
If we're BFFs we've already shared all the juicy stuff

And feel no guilt




I doubt I could resist!


If you like your decade to rock, your demons to bite, and your girls to kick it, you’ll want to read "Girl Desecrated" Book I in “The Fergus She” Series.

The Database
Dracones Awakening. It's FREE.
Thoughts from the Heart (Poetry)
I think my latest, Daughters of Britain, is a good place. It's a genre I don't typically right, but it does represent my style accurately.
My first novel, Synergy Of Hopes:

The only published work with my name on it is the short story I co-wrote with my twin; this is the link to the free pdf:

Remember Me is the first book in my Sex Demon Series
Brynnde: A Regency Romance Or if you like spy novels: The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller
Karma Visited, Final Sin, Within the Law, Bartlett's Rule
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MALIHA ANDERSON steampunk crime thrillers
The Boy Nobody Loved, Prequel to The MisFit Series. Available only through my website because I offer exclusive content to readers willing to take a chance on a newish writer.
Visions (because continuity is a thing):
Not applicable.
Any of them although my most recent work is probably my best thus far
My most ambitious undertaking has been my Techromancy Scrolls series.
The most popular of my paranormal writings have been my Urban Fairytales series.
And the undisputed champion is still my lesbian romance series, Music of the Soul.
If they like romance, start with Diamond Hard. If they like thrillers, start with Fatal Impulse.
Bone Maker:
Missing From the Picture Wish I was already published in fiction- stay tuned
Book One in the Shig Sato Mystery series, The Gangster's Son.
This Piece of My Soul, the heart of the trilogy.
Erotic romance short story: Babysitter Blues

But rest assured, most authors say they would not. So they say. Only the flies on the wall will ever really know.

AUTHORS: Are you an author who wants to provide an evocative author interview? Go here: Fill in what you dare, skip the rest.  By answering this form, you give me the right to use your interview responses in any form I wish (book, post, graphic etc). Your interview will be published on my blog, and reblogged by others. As well, responders will be able to view the responses at the end of this interview. Therefore, don't put any information into this form that you do not want made public. Thanks!

BLOGGERS: If you want to quote authors from this form's results, you are welcome to. However, you must acknowledge me as the original interviewer, with this statement:

"Quotes, excerpts or the entire review taken from the original "Evocative Author Interviews" by Fantasy Author Cheryl R Cowtan. Read more or see her books at"


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